Tips and Tricks to Restore antique furniture

Tips and Tricks to Restore antique furniture

if your furniture has the stamp, it would be a shame to paint: it would lose all its value. But you can give it a facelift.

Your old wooden furniture has certainly accumulated many layers of wax that have tarnished and dirty. Here are some tips used by professionals and antiquarians, for deep cleaning. The goal is to keep the patina of the wood gives the furniture all its interest and value.

First step to restore antique furniture:

It should, in a first step, unclog your furniture and remove all successive layers of wax accumulated over many years. Indeed, during the twentieth century, people were not greedy of polish. They rubbed their furniture thinking make them shiny and the smell of wax often symbolized cleanliness. In fact, the polish has the opposite effect; it tends to attract dirt and embedded in the wood fibers.

The most effective solution is to use a basic Wax Remover will dissolve the different strata. This product can be bought in drugstores or hardware stores specialized. It applies to using a fine steel wool rubbing in the direction of the wood grain. This method has the advantage of being fresh and prevents stripping too aggressive.

Second step: washing

once your furniture bare handed, it is advisable to wash, which will guarantee a final degreasing. The most effective method is to use the washing Saint Marc, about 100g per liter of water, then rinse with warm water and a soft sponge. It is imperative to dry thoroughly with a soft cloth after that no trace of water remains.

Third step: fill the holes

your furniture has regained its original color, but has multiple holes or cracks. It is then possible to easily reseal with wood pulp that dries very quickly. This paste is applied with a spatula or with your finger. There are a range of different colors suitable for each color of wood.

For larger holes, preferably use the wood filler which is a mixture of wood powder and of a hardener. This sealant has the advantage of not retract but drying is longer. Then sand lightly to smooth the whole.

In fact, if you are weary to open drawers, as is often the case, rub the grooves with hard soap or paraffin.

Once these operations are completed, simply polish your furniture and rub every week with a soft cloth to make it shine. You’ll save as a single layer of wax is sufficient for many months.

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