How to maintain lacquered furniture?

How to maintain lacquered furniture?

Maintain lacquered furniture to keep their beauty depends primarily on the type of paint used on solid wood furniture. To do this, you can follow some maintenance tips that will allow lacquered furniture and continue to follow a few tips on the proper method of cleaning dust, tasks, etc.

Tips for maintaining lacquered furniture

to maintain the lacquered furniture intact exactly as in acquired or to purchase, it should take a few precautions. First, as the lacquer on wood is a hard substance that supports excessive light, heat, it is recommended to avoid placing anything hot on the cabinet painted or lacquered piano, placing it in a place not too bright in the house.

As some lacquers also support moisture and fading so easily, it is advisable to put a wet vase or cup, not only because the lacquer may be removed, but in addition, there observed an indelible, especially in the case of white furniture.

Similarly, prior to cleaning lacquered furniture, be sure to check first the nature of the lacquer, and then carefully choose the cloth that will be used for cleaning. The soft cloth, silk, or microfiber suede are the most recommended.

Otherwise, cleaning should be done as often as possible to dust the furniture. In this way also, we can realize the measures to address the tasks, scratches, and in the case where the furniture would become dull.
Tips for maintaining lacquered furniture

Dust and light are the main causes that make dull lacquered furniture. So, for cleaning, it should first be aware of the nature of the paint depending on whether it is a vegetable lacquer, synthetic, etc..

To dust the furniture lacquer, it is recommended to take a damp cloth on a small part of the furniture, lacquer plant come off, so only the dry cloth is used. Otherwise, it would take a cloth, preferably silk or chamois moistened with warm water or vinegar on the furniture before making a dry cloth afterwards.

To remove stains, apply a cloth soaked in linseed oil, turpentine and flour on the furniture around tasks. It can also be used on furniture that has become dull. For Chinese lacquer should be used grinds tea. To treat scratches on the white furniture, you can apply a white cream or anti-scratch like on the car body.

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