Maintenance tips for wood surfaces treated

lacquered surfaces

Painted surfaces can be cleaned best by passing a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Do not use any products or polishing sprays: they will undoubtedly attack the lacquer. Be sure to cover felt media devices such that Installation stereo. This avoids the black streaks when traveling.

Tips and Tricks to Restore antique furniture

if your furniture has the stamp, it would be a shame to paint: it would lose all its value. But you can give it a facelift.

Your old wooden furniture has certainly accumulated many layers of wax that have tarnished and dirty. Here are some tips used by professionals and antiquarians, for deep cleaning. The goal is to keep the patina of the wood gives the furniture all its interest and value.

How to maintain lacquered furniture?

Maintain lacquered furniture to keep their beauty depends primarily on the type of paint used on solid wood furniture. To do this, you can follow some maintenance tips that will allow lacquered furniture and continue to follow a few tips on the proper method of cleaning dust, tasks, etc.